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Julián Altuna


Julián Altuna
44 years old
Driving License
Sant Cugat del Vallés (08172) España
Professional Status
About Me
Honest, sincere, loyal and responsible. I like to take responsibility leading projects and teams.
  • Co-founder, Executive Producer, finance, management, project development, activism for social change
  • Executive Producer of documentary "Gdeim Izik. The Sahrawi's Resistance Camp"
  • Executive Producer of documentary "Behind the lens"
  • Executive Producer of documentary "Janadesh, people's verdict"
  • Executive Producer of documentary "In debt"
  • Executive Producer of documentary "The process of the possible"
Company Description
Audiovisual NGO. Debate and social action videos

Quepo is a nonprofit organization that uses audiovisual mediums as tools for informing, criticizing, creating awareness, and promoting action. We want to make people aware that citizen participation is necessary for the creation of a more democratic and global society, which, by increasing a sense of humanity, involves us all in defending respect for human rights, the environment, and social justice.

We work to broadcast stories that help us all to learn, to have a conversation, and to take action. We believe that all the world’s inhabitants not only have a right to a decent and just life, but also to transparent and quality information that addresses fundamental questions and that helps us to better understand the reality that surrounds us, to have a conversation and to debate as a society, to be better able to act from a point of awareness and responsibility. We contribute our experience as professionals and our area of expertise in order to bring together the social audiovisual and civil society: carrying out audiovisual projects for social movements and NGOs, producing our own projects, and supporting the creation, distribution, and exhibition of projects with social content.

A space committed to cooperation and online work

We want to build a common workspace with citizen, institutional, NGO, and individual networks in order to transform society, to combine our efforts, and to achieve shared objectives. A space where we can return to unique and original thoughts. A space for viewpoints that are critical and reflective but also appealing, transformative, and accessible to all people. Subject matter that reflects the reality of the world in which we live and that helps us to know that world and understand it better.

At Quepo, we work to find synergies that allow the audiovisual and social sectors to come together. We want to be a meeting point for professionals and companies that identify with the values and objectives of Quepo and wish to become actively involved, contributing their knowledge and experience to projects.
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