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Julián Altuna


Julián Altuna
45 years old
Driving License
Sant Cugat del Vallés (08172) España
Professional Status
About Me
Honest, sincere, loyal and responsible. I like to take responsibility leading projects and teams.
  • Events Coordinator
  • Line Producer

Spot Desigual

May 2014 to June 2014
  • Production Manager
  • Production and locations in Barcelona
Company Description
British magician and card shark to the world’s elite, Drummond Money-Coutts, embarks on an international journey, going from London to Paris with a final destination of Bangkok.

In this one-off special, DMC explores the thrilling and high stakes world of card tricks.

Through breath-taking stunts and street demonstrations, Drummond reveals the secrets behind advanced card play, card cheating and the dark art of card magic.

This show ends with his most dangerous trick to date!
  • Co-founder, Executive Producer, finance, management, project development, activism for social change
  • Executive Producer of documentary "Gdeim Izik. The Sahrawi's Resistance Camp"
  • Executive Producer of documentary "Behind the lens"
  • Executive Producer of documentary "Janadesh, people's verdict"
  • Executive Producer of documentary "In debt"
  • Executive Producer of documentary "The process of the possible"
Company Description
Audiovisual NGO. Debate and social action videos

Quepo is a nonprofit organization that uses audiovisual mediums as tools for informing, criticizing, creating awareness, and promoting action. We want to make people aware that citizen participation is necessary for the creation of a more democratic and global society, which, by increasing a sense of humanity, involves us all in defending respect for human rights, the environment, and social justice.

We work to broadcast stories that help us all to learn, to have a conversation, and to take action. We believe that all the world’s inhabitants not only have a right to a decent and just life, but also to transparent and quality information that addresses fundamental questions and that helps us to better understand the reality that surrounds us, to have a conversation and to debate as a society, to be better able to act from a point of awareness and responsibility. We contribute our experience as professionals and our area of expertise in order to bring together the social audiovisual and civil society: carrying out audiovisual projects for social movements and NGOs, producing our own projects, and supporting the creation, distribution, and exhibition of projects with social content.

A space committed to cooperation and online work

We want to build a common workspace with citizen, institutional, NGO, and individual networks in order to transform society, to combine our efforts, and to achieve shared objectives. A space where we can return to unique and original thoughts. A space for viewpoints that are critical and reflective but also appealing, transformative, and accessible to all people. Subject matter that reflects the reality of the world in which we live and that helps us to know that world and understand it better.

At Quepo, we work to find synergies that allow the audiovisual and social sectors to come together. We want to be a meeting point for professionals and companies that identify with the values and objectives of Quepo and wish to become actively involved, contributing their knowledge and experience to projects.
Company website
  • Producer
  • First Spanish film released in theaters with Creative Commons
Company Description
A civil society vigilance exercise over governors, powerful people and most every day happenings that citizens do not see.

Interferències is the culmination of more than 10 years researching and exposing different anticooperation mechanisms. A work realized through the ODG within multiple organizations, networks and campaigns. In paralell, and for the last five years, Quepo has worked in finding new communicative ways to approach professional video to the social sector, committing with the entities’ communication needs and serving debate and social action.

Few words for what commonly would have been said in many.

ODG and Quepo met two years ago willing to create a joint project that would help us reflect together with the viewer about the concepts that affects the socialeconomical development of both, South and North countries. An NGO alternative way of working: pointing out which actions surely won’t improve the world we live in.

We wanted to make more accessible concepts and processes that usually are abstract and unaccessible for most citizens. Mechanisms and words that we, as experts, believe that society know but, in fact, they can’t relate to them or feel affected by them.The truth is that it is a reality that affects our lives and that of millions of people all over the world. Mechanisms such as the external debt or international trade, power abuse by multinational companies or governments and international institutions hidden interests or the impact of consumer and production society on people and the environment. That is, interferences that provoke negative impact on people’s living. In this search of putting together all factors and variables, Anticooperation was the term ODG seized after many years of investigation.

Researchers, economists, activists, technicians and artists; public administration and private companies, all together making possible a collaborative non-profit movie.

The altruistic participation of more than 150 movie professionals, audiovisual companies, social entities and local public institutions made possible to turn this project into a quality movie and a last-generation website. Concept developing, documentation, preproduction, filming, edition, communication and distribution: a collaborative work that goes much further than the mere release of the movie. On November 18th, and until the end of December, a crowdfunding campaign will start through Verkami, in order to obtain the necessary resources to produce the DVD and ensure its distribution.

A filming that begins with Plaça Catalunya’s 15M campings and ends with the police violent eviction. A fictional script with an ending rewritten by reality.

The beginning of 15M mobilization was an unexpected coincidence in the shooting process, and it had great impact on the day to day work and on the movie’s end May 16th, the day on which the first tents appeared in multiple squares around Spain due to manifestations of the day before, was Interferencies’ first day of shooting. The ending of the movie was written as an invitation to mobilize, to take the street. The energy released by all those squares passed on to the whole shooting crew and made room for some changes. While on May 27th, the Mossos d’Esquadra (Regional police force) tried -without success- to ‘clean’ Plaça Catalunya, in the Teatre de los sentidos, where we were shooting, an improvised “indignado” camping emerged. Interferències became then the movie whose ending was changed by 15M
  • Production Assistant, locations.
Company Description
Duration: 62

Original Idea: Javier Olivares

Direction: Maria Almagro

Additional Information: 16 x 50’ prime-time drama series produced for Televisió de Catalunya. Original version: Catalan

Script: Laia Aguilar Eva Baeza Javier Olivares Núria Parera
  • Unit Production Manager
  • Line Producer Pre-Production
Company Description
ORIGINAL TITLE La Mari 2, volver a empezar (TV)
min. Suggest trailer/video
DIRECTOR Ricard Figueras
SCREENWRITER Ricard Figueras, Pau Garsaball
COMPOSER José M. García Pelayo, Mané Larregla
CAST Ana Fernández, Ramon Madaula, María Galiana, Carlos Hipólito, Anna Lizaran, Juli Mira, David Bosch, Anna Bellmunt, Carla Campra
STUDIO/PRODUCER TV3 / Canal Sur Televisión / In Vitro Films
GENRE Drama | Sequel. TV Miniseries
  • Line Producer
Company Description
ORIGINAL TITLE Flores negras (Schwarze Blumen)
104 min. Watch Trailers/Videos
[Spain] Movie Image Gallery
DIRECTOR David Carreras Solè
SCREENWRITER Wolfgang Kirchner, David Carreras, Luis Marías, Joan M. Ruiz Córdoba
COMPOSER Óscar Maceda
CAST Tobias Moretti, Maximilian Schell, Eduard Fernandez, Marta Etura, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Gottfried John, Georg Friedrich, Robert Stadlober, Héctor Colomé, Belén Fabra, Lothar Michael Proksch, Xaver Hutter
STUDIO/PRODUCER Co-production Spain-Germany; Ovideo TV / EPO-Film / OPAL-Filmproduktion
AWARDS 2009: Festival Málaga: Best Makeup
GENRE Thriller. Drama | Spy film
  • Line Producer
Company website
  • Production Manager
Company Description
Cast: David Selvas, Irene Montalà, Carme Elias, Laura Conejero, Pere Arquillué, Fermí Reixach i Lluís Soler

Duration: 55

Direction: Jesús Segura

Additional Information: 40 x 55’ prime-time drama series produced for Televisió de Catalunya. Average share 17.26%, peaking at 21%. Original version: Catalan
  • Production Manager
Company Description
365 x 55’ primetime drama series. Original version: Catalan. Produced for Televisió de Catalunya, the series was recorded as a daily serial but broadcast 2-episodes a week on two consecutive evenings in TV3’s primetime weekday slot. The first episode went to air on February 14, 2005; the last on October 17, 2010. The average share of the first season was 25.3%, peaking at 26.7% during the second season when the series was the channel’s highest rating programme of the day on 60% of its runs.